From the minute you walk into bodyfit studio you will notice we are different than anywhere you have ever exercised before. From our calm and nurturing environment to our intense and results oriented classes, you will quickly see the difference. We rely on the foundation of two classes to help you lose weight, strengthen and tone your muscles, and leave your body and mind feeling challenged and invigorated. Our primary focus is always on helping you attain your fitness goals in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere not possible in a large exercise chain.

Our bodyfit instructors take into account each client's individual needs and address them in every class. We are as effective as having a personal trainer without the cost, time and isolation of being one on one. Our clients work in a group of like-minded individuals focusing on their mind and body fitness goals. We are a supportive community with camaraderie you will simply not find at another fitness facility anywhere.

Our precision targeted, ever-changing 60-minute bodyfit and Tread-X™ classes are highly effective and provide our clients with the tools needed to miraculously see a difference in their bodies almost immediately. The classes work in conjunction with each other to help you lose weight and strengthen and tone your muscles without adding bulk.

We don't believe in gimmicks, pictures on the wall showing "results" that have not come from workouts, celebrity testimonials, or paid magazine spots. Instead here we tell it like it is. Results are based on the techniques found in two classes: the original bodyfit classes, created to strengthen and tone your muscles without adding bulk and Tread-X™, to lose weight and keep your body active. The classes work in conjunction to provide a full exercise regimen that will get you feeling great and seeing results right away.

Simply put, if you want to change your body, take our classes and you will transform yourself in the shortest amount of time, safely and naturally. You will be stronger mentally and physically and feel challenged and invigorated. Many of our clients tell us we've helped to change their lives. If you want to get in shape and have a great time doing it, bodyfit is the place for you! Why waste time and money exercising anywhere else?